Venture Crewman 28
Sailor 9
Vital statistics
Position Sailor
Age 31
Status Deceased(deleted scene) unknown(film)
Physical attributes

This individual was part of the crew of the S.S. Venture on the expedition of Skull Island in 1933.


Voyage to Skull islandEdit

This sailor is along with Crewman who were by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually heading to Skull island). In which Jimmy overheard Denham and Jack Driscoil where they were really going. He is along with crewman watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy danced in which they enjoyed, he is seen holding a cup of whisky and next to Venture Crewman 14.

Journey to Skull IslandEdit

After Ann is kidnapped, he's along with the sailors to rescue along with Jack, Denham, Choy, Lumpy, Herb, Benjamin Hayes, Jimmy, Bruce Baxter, and Preston to rescue Ann. He is last seen in the Brontosaurus Stampede.

Behind the scenesEdit

In a deleted scene, he is seen walking up a ramp, where a Venatosaurus approaches him. He tries to reach for his firearm, but it grab him with its mouth and was behind Bruce Baxter. He took his firearm and shot it in the nose, then released until he was grab by another. Depending on his fate, he either died or went back to the Venture.


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