This individual was part of the crew of the S.S. Venture on the expedition to Skull Island in 1933.

Venture Crewman 24
Sailor 24
Vital statistics
Position Sailor
Age 30s or 40s
Status Unknown; most likely alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

Voyage to Skull Island Edit

This sailor was along the crewmen hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually heading to Skull Island). This sailor is sometime seen like watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy danced along with the other crewman in which they enjoyed.

Arrival and Ann's Abduction Edit

He is along the sailors who went into the native village to rescue Carl Denham and his group. Then is seen along with the crew throwing half the cargo overboard and the group of sailors who remained at basecamp in the native village to await the rescue party's return with Ann, while the rest of the sailors returned to the ship.

Capturing Kong Edit

He is seen along with Venture Crewman 16 and some sailors preparing to captured Kong. However Kong broke loose, forcing the whole crew to retreat to the lifeboats. He is seen getting in a Lifeboat carrying Venture Crewman 13 the Radio Operator, Venture Crewman 4, Venture Crewman 11, Venture Crewman 16, Jack Driscoll, Jimmy, and Denham. Jimmy started to fire against Kong, who became angry, grabbed the boat and throwing it against the rock wall, probably causing the death of a few more sailors. The fate of Venture Crewman 24 is unclear, whether he died or got injured on the impact.

However, since Denham later mentioned that seventeen sailors died on the island, it's likely he survived.