Venture Crewman 15
Sailor 5
Vital statistics
Position Sailor
Age 30s or 40s
Status Deceased
Physical attributes

This individual was part of the crew of the S.S. Venture on the expedition to Skull Island in 1933.


Voyage to Skull IslandEdit

This sailor was part of the crewmembers hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(never telling them they were actually heading to the Skull Island). After Jimmy over heard Denham and Jack Driscoil. He was along the sailors watching Ann and Jimmy dance much to their enjoyment. When the Venture crashed by a rock, he and a few other sailors were trying to stop a breach in the hold of the ship.

Journey through Skull IslandEdit

After Ann was kidnapped by Skull Islanders, he was along with the list of sailors who join Jack, Jimmy, Hayes, Carl, Preston, Lumpy, Choy, Bruce, and Herb to go rescue ann. First they were attack by a Ferructus, which was throwing the crew around until it was killed by Hayes.While continuing their search, they arrived in a canyon, took a break and discovered a foot print. Then suddenly, there was a Brontosaurs Stampede, he avoid getting stomp on made it alive along with the others. When they arrived in the swamp, Bruce Baxter and a few sailors decided to leave.When across the water, they were first attack by scorpiedes until they swam away and were attack by the Piranhadon, which destroy the 2nd raft, then ate 2 sailors, Denham tried to shoot at it with a Thompson, and fell into the water. He later to land and continued the Journey, then they heard noise coming from the bushes, first they believed it was Ann, but Lumpy goes nervous and fired his Thompson, believing they kill Ann, but it was a dinosaur bird, which killed Lumpy.

Log Shake SceneEdit

They arrived at the log bridge, but Hayes stop and went to go check himself, as they get prepared, he tells them to go back, fired Thompson and ran out as Kong appeared and grab Hayes and saw the crew. After Kong threw Hayes, Jack ordered them to shoot Kong, but end up making mad.He slam the log causing the Rescue party to lose balance, he was the second person to fall off the log, his body is later seen at the bottom next to Lumpy who finds Choy and right where Venture Crewman 1 is seen next. However, during Kong's captured, a sailor who looks like him is seen along the sailors putting down Kong.

Behind the scenesEdit


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