Vital statistics
Age 30
Status Deceased
Physical attributes

Mike was a professional sound designer who worked with Carl Denham along with Herb for many years. He went with Denham on the expedition to Skull Island in 1933 along with Preston and Herb, but was killed by the Skull Islanders by the beginning of the expedition.


Early life and Working for Carl DenhamEdit

Little is known about Mike's early life, but was born in circa 1903 and became a sound designer for Carl Denham. According to his boss, Mike was a professional, and worked with him for many years. At Some time in his life he got married and had a couple of children.

Voyage to Skull IslandEdit

Mike, along with Herb, were hired by Denham to the an expedition to Skull Island to make his upcoming film. On September 25, 1933, he and Herb brought all the film equipment from the list Preston made, when their boss made an early departure after Zelman and his executives rejected to invest his picture. They were inspected by Denham to make sure they got all the equipment on board the S.S. Venture.

When Ann Darrow was rehearsing to introduce herself to her favorite playwright, Jack Driscoll, Mike was in the mess room having an arguement with Denham about what sound effects should work for the film during the ship scenes. When Ann arrived, she mistakenly thought Mike was Jack Driscoll and "appreciated" his work, causing him to feel bewildered. Ann later realized that the "Jack" looked different than she imagined until the real Jack closed his book and got her attention.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mike was portrayed by Craig Hall in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong.
  • Mike is the very first person to be killed in Carl Denham's expedition on Skull Island and in the franchise.
  • Although Mike does not appear in the video game, the character Briggs seems to have been the replacement for him.


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