In Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong, he made references from the 1933 version of the film with the same name, by scenes, dialogue, homages, and props.


  • Lumpy says about the story of a castaway, "He spoke of a creature, neither beast or man, but something monstrous", as Carl Denham, in the original 1933 version talked about Skull Island to the captain saying, "Well anyway, neither beast or man. Something monstrous".
  • When Denham said to the pressmen, "Let him roar, it makes a swell picture!", a reporter in the original 1933 version when he was among the repoters flash photographing Kong, he ignored Denham's warning by replying, "Ah, let him roar it's a swell picture!" and laughing with his partner before the monster broke from his chains.


  • When Jack Driscoll and Ann Darrow first meet each other in the original 1933 version, the scene was put as a homage in the 2005 version where Ann and Bruce Baxter film their first shots on the Venture, almost making it verbatim.


  • Some shields and spears used by the Skull Islanders in the original 1933 film, appear hanged at the wall of Denham's cabin.
  • The fifteen-paged script that Denham looks at was the original 1932 draft of the original King Kong.
  • Two of Denham's Gas grenades that he uses against a stegosaurus and Kong in the original 1933 film, appeared tucked to the side of the packed Chloroform in Jack's "stateroom".
  • The drums played by the Skull Islanders in the original 1933 film during a ceremony before seeing Denham's group appeared being played by the ship's crew at the dance on the S.S Venture