Carl Denham
Carl Denham
Vital statistics
Position Vaudeville actor (formerly)<brl>Director
Age 35
Status Living
Physical attributes

Carl Denham was a troubled filmmaker who was known to have made various near-successful but interesting films. In 1933, after he received a map of Skull Island, he made an expedition to make a film on the legendary island. He was able to survive all the dangers of the island, but his camera was destroyed after the log attack, and captured Kong, the ape who kidnapped Ann Darrow. He presented Kong on Broadway in New York, and unintentionally caused a rampage the ape had unleashed after he escaped from his chains.


Early lifeEdit

Carl Denham was born in the circa 1890s, and grew up to be a vaudeville actor, but he only did one show (with unknown skit), as the audience did not appreciate his act.

Career as a filmmakerEdit

Carl, however, became a filmmaker and made various of interesting films, although near-successful. He worked with his cameraman Herb, his sound designer Mike, and assistant Preston throughout his life as a director.